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What We Have Been Working On:

  • Helping a large downtown hospital drive alignment, innovation and strategy through all of its programs, units and departments
  • Supporting a large acute care hospital to create a culture of service excellence
  • Helping leaders from a Canadian rehabilitation hospital export their knowledge and expertise to health centres in the Middle East
  • Working with leaders across the Death Investigation System in 5 provinces to bring the opportunity of organ and tissue donation to more families
  • Supporting a Nursing School to plan their future
  • Helping key players in the justice system to advance victims' rights
  • Continuing to advance stroke care in the Toronto area
  • Planning a National Education Forum for the future of Nursing Education
  • Leadership Development for Academic Leaders
  • Supporting a large academic medical department to create a comprehensive strategy to best utilize resources and achieve excellence in education, research and patient care across all of its specialties and multiple hospital sites
  • Helping ensure victims of crime in Ontario have a robust voice
  • Helping to build a program to help families navigate the mental health system
  • Building a strategy for community impact for an academic family health team
  • Helping nursing and allied health professionals in a large downtown hospital to enhance their contributions in research and education

For over 20 years, The Potential Group has been supporting individuals, teams and organizations from across sectors to envision the future, reach common decisions, plan powerful action, and learn and adapt in collaborative ways that result in sustainable change. We are seasoned consultants, leadership coaches, facilitators, writers and researchers. more

Sectors We Support:


Social Enterprise

There are countless organizations striving to promote innovation and make a positive difference in the world. Over the past 18 years,The Potential Group has made a commitment to supporting community agencies, charitable organizations, associations, arts organizations and international organizations
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Community is about more than geography. A community is a group united by a common passion, a collective need, or a desire to improve their practice. These individuals could be connected by close physical proximity, or they could be geographically dispersed, maintaining virtual connections
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