What We Bring To The Table

The Potential Group has orchestrated more than 200 change and strategic planning initiatives in organizations across the academic health sector, most within the complex network of academic hospitals and the University of Toronto in the Toronto region. Overlaid against our change and strategy work is an emphasis on capacity building, both within engagement work and in discrete learning initiatives around healthcare change leadership, collaboration and complexity.

Our approach to engagement and change is designed to ensure that all staff, health professionals, management, Board and all other key players have an opportunity to co-create how they will work together for the best outcome.

The engagement and strategy process we use is a form of appreciative inquiry, which is designed to have groups focus on their desired future and to strategize toward it. We blend the aspirational work with high rigour strategic planning based on a “triple aim” framework that always holds population health, patient/client experience and resource use in balance. We also add a fourth aim, to ensure that the workforce is structured, supported and energized in such a way that they can engage in their work from their strengths and with a sense of purpose.

Accessing Your Potential

Achieving exceptional results often does not begin with having the right answers — it’s fueled by incisive and evocative questions. At The Potential Group, we work with our clients to rethink and reframe the challenges in front of them, which creates more “generative” pathways for action. When we locate the right questions to ask, thought processes and emotions/moods shift, new possibilities emerge and individuals and stakeholders align themselves behind common goals in powerful ways that create action and results.

Our Generative Approach

A word you hear us use a lot is “generative.” Generative simply means “work that creates more of what you want. “We help clients engage in “generative conversations,” which create an environment where powerful possibilities are developed, relationships among all participants grow stronger, and people become better at adapting. This means that the change we create is sustainable and the people involved improve the ways they work together.

No matter what the presenting question is, all of our work involves change or learning of some kind. In complex environments, change is continual – so our work is about helping people become better at and more comfortable with noticing what’s changing around them and then adapting to it.

Using the principles of Appreciative Inquiry, we engage people across organizations, networks and systems in articulating their strengths and what they already have learned from experience and using that knowledge to create sustainable, inspiring future directions. From these explorations, new ideas and actions that feel most meaningful to the people they matter to most are created.

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