Collaborative Strategic Planning

Every organization today recognizes they need to engage in strategic planning but does your plan create alignment, spark innovation and drive toward compelling outcomes?

Your strategy is the story you tell the world about your organization, its purpose, and the outcomes you are driving towards. A successful strategy aligns all parts of the organization, engages external partners as collaborators and creates an internal environment of creativity and performance.  At The Potential Group, have learned that the most meaningful and executable strategy rests on 3 foundations:

  • A Compelling Optimistic Story of the Future

  • A Story of Momentum Towards this Desired Future

  • An Integrated Story that Aligns all Effort in Service of the Desired Future

In addition to creating sound, well researched and performance oriented strategic plans, we create engagement opportunities and planning events that listen deeply to the needs of consumers, providers of care and services and key partners and unearth compelling opportunities for change, growth and development. When you work with us you get a solid plan and a workforce and community that is poised and energized to bring strategic change and innovation to life.

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