Lead Strategic Change

The Potential Group has been supporting leaders to affect profound change for over 25 years.

Our generative, appreciative approach to change leadership has been leveraged by almost every healthcare organization in the GTA. As we do our work, we have noticed that leaders across this sector have gained insight and capacity for initiating and launching change; the challenge often occurs around sustaining engagement and maintaining momentum.

Sustainable change in a complex system is a dance between reinforcing a galvanizing vision, implementing concrete, measureable goals, and adapting to changing environment and emerging ideas. Our PACE model emphasizes four key elements: the critical importance of developing a rich, shared sense of Purpose across your community that governs and guides all action; co-creating and implementing concrete Action plans; building a robust, highly engaged Community of people who have accountability for a focused action plan; developing strength to continually Evolve by tracking, refining and adapting actions while always remaining focused on the highest goals and objectives.

Our clients come to us when they are facing significant mandates to lead profound change – including:

Integration of Organizations

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Implementation of New Systems and Models of Care

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We also do ongoing capacity building for leaders through our flagship, one-year coaching program:

Leading Strategic Change and Innovation in Healthcare

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