Nikibasika Development Program

Nikibasika Development Program

The Nikibasika Development Program provides a home and long-term education for orphaned and vulnerable youth in Kasese, Uganda. Our focus is to help these young adults become self-sustaining community leaders. Each is supported with post-secondary education, and more important, with leadership development, career guidance, global and human rights awareness. The profound and unique aspect of Nikibasika is that each young person participates in a team where they create and lead a community-development project that helps local people in need. Teams led by 16 and 17 year olds are currently helping street kids, the sick and the elderly in their community, paying school fees and other supports with their own pocket money. Their hope is to become adults who will be able to do for others what the Triadventure has done for them.

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There were originally 52 participants in Nikibasika; by the end of 2015, 11 of them will have graduated. Graduates are working as hairdressers, mechanics, in small businesses and for the Rwandan national government. In 2016, 20 of the “kids” will be in post-secondary school, training to be welders, public health officers, sewing and design, social workers, electricians, builders, tailors, software engineers, community developers, farmers and various business roles such as HR, procurement and accounting. Most will run small businesses.

Danny has been involved with Nikibasika since 2006, when he was the first of the current team to visit, fall in love with the kids and see the potential in the project.  He is one of the Co-Directors of the Canadian board and the founder of the TriAdventure, a 3 day event that raises most of the annual budget for Nikibasika. Along with participating in the event and building the Triadventure community, he continues to raise significant funds and provide strategic and business insight to the project.

Cate has been involved with Nikibasika since 2006, and is one of the volunteer Co-Directors. She is one of the core drivers of the mission of the project, and oversees the day to day operations of the Canadian charity and the project on the ground in Uganda.

Leslie is pleased to be a part of the Nikibasika Development Program and has been involved since 2006. Leslie was part of the team that created the inaugural TriAdventure in 2005 which is now the main source of funding to Nikibasika.

Jackie has been acting as registration coordinator for the TriAdventure for the past few years and loves being part of such important work.