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Project Description

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Presenting Need

Following a robust strategic planning exercise across CAMH, the new VP Education was tasked with the creation of an Education strategy that would unite all of the elements of education across the organization under a strategy that enable excellence in teaching and learning across the organization. There was a keen desire to create an overarching framework and cohesive approach for Education in the organization.



Phase One: Setting the Agenda

As a first phase of work we gathered a steering committee from Education Functions across CAMH to set direction for the strategy work. Working with this group, we conducted initial interviews with key leaders to gather perspectives on the current state of education in the organization and desired vision for the Education could be. These initial insights were brought to the Education Task Force – a group charged with advising on the strategic plan.


Phase Two: Deepening Strategic Priorities

In the second phase of work, we gathered 5 working groups to explore key topics more deeply:

  • Enhancing the Student Experience Across CAMH
  • Growing Capacity for Excellence Through Prof Development  
  • Promoting Optimal Care and Learning Through IPE and IPC
  • Enhancing the Client Experience through Patient and Family Education and Survivorship 
  • Advancing Education Research and Knowledge Exchange to Drive Our Learning Organization

At the end of this phase we made meaning of all of the input from the working groups with the strategy task force and through the work, we emerged key guiding principles and strategic directions for Education at CAMH.


Phase Three: Engaging the Organization

The final phase of our work involved engaging all elements of the organization in making meaning of the strategic directions and exploring their role in bringing the strategy to life. Through a series of meetings with education stakeholders and a final strategy launch session, we worked with leaders to refine the strategies and define key actions to bring the strategic elements to life. This process enabled those who touch education across the organization to feel a sense of ownership over the strategic elements and gain clarity of their roles in bringing the strategy to life.


Overall Outcome

The strategic planning process for Education at CAMH sent a strong signal to the organization about the commitment to common principles and approach for Education across everyone’s work.  One of the goals identified through the Education work – “ensure everyone touched by education at CAMH emerges as an advocate for mental health” – became embedded in the organization’s overall strategy.  The following guiding principles also emerged and gained significant tractions across the organization.

  • Promote excellence, courage and respect in all the learning and teaching that we do
  • Enable everyone to learn and teach 
  • Embed client and family experiences, perspectives and self-identified needs in all teaching and learning
  • Create, transfer and apply knowledge across the organization
  • Empower people at CAMH to learn as they work
  • Support a culture of continuous improvement and organizational transformation
  • Enable equity and access to knowledge, education and health information


  • In addition, through the process, leaders in Education were able to create a case for and build significant infrastructure to support and enable the work of teaching and learning across the organization.