Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Strategy (2016/2017)

Project Description

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Presenting Need

In 2016, Holland Bloorview was coming to the end of a very successful strategy. Over the previous 5 years they had advanced care, transformed the role of research in the organization and increased their teaching role in the system while at the same time becoming a world leader in engaging clients and families as partners in every possible way. When the Potential Group was engaged to support their next strategic plan, we were asked to help the organization to be truly bold; to imagine new possibilities for care, services, research, teaching and most importantly for the experiences and kids, youth and families not only within the walls of Holland Bloorview but into the world as well.


Bringing our unique Strategy HiveTM Process to the project, we orchestrated a robust planning process that engaged board, leaders, staff, physicians, donors, clients, families and community partners in 36 “pollination sessions” and 3 big widely distributed questions on line and in social media. In total we received well over 500 responses that brought bold ideas to our team and the leadership. These themes were translated in 8 bold strategic topic that we explored in half day “Strategy HivesTM” that engaged a wide cross section of leading thinkers in technology, development paediatrics, care models, innovation, research and teaching. Through these 8 enlivening conversations we were able to develop a transformative agenda for the future of the Hospital.


This robust process generated the plan that is now known as “No Boundaries”. It is a plan that challenges the organization to personalize the pathways of clients and families, to connect the system outside their walls and to expand research and its application across the organization. At the same time Holland Bloorview took on transforming the world for kids and family so that they can experience a future with no boundaries.

In total over 1000 voices touched this strategy process creating one clear and compelling vision for the future. For or a full description of the process and its impact watch the video below.

Also make sure to visit the No Boundaries website.