TriAdventure Challenge

2017 was the thirteenth Triadventure — and over those thirteen years, we have raised almost $1.4 million to support African children, first through the Stephen Lewis Foundation, then since 2007, for Nikibasika.  Because of this profound effort, we have collectively enabled the community of 52 vulnerable children in Uganda who literally had nothing to become healthy, thoughtful, loving young adults who are leaders in their communities.

While in past years we have done a physical weekend for the Triadventure, this year we are doing a virtual Triadventure!

This virtual Triadventure provides you with the opportunity to set a personal fitness or other goal for the summer, and to use that to raise funds for Nikibasika.  You may set a goal of 100 hours of working out, riding 1000 km over the summer, running 500 km, swimming 3x a week,  20 yoga classes, 100,000 steps,  just to name a few ideas! There are many options and you can choose whatever works for you.

The money raised will support the Nikibasika Development Program, which provides a home and long-term education for orphaned and vulnerable youth in Kasese, Uganda. Our focus is to help these young adults become self-sustaining leaders in their communities. Each participant is supported with formal education beyond secondary school, and more important, with leadership development, career guidance, global and human rights awareness. Each young person also participates in a team where they create and lead a community-development project that helps people in need in their local area.

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