For over 25 years, The Potential Group has supported individuals, teams and systems to build compelling collaborative strategies that engage people in moving forward initiatives that profoundly improve health systems and the well-being of individuals, families and communities. We help our clients: envision the future, reach common decisions, plan powerful action, and learn and adapt in collaborative ways.

 Through our high engagement processes, we create more energized, innovative workforces that emerge ready to act and with capacity to bring strategic change and innovation to life. The result is stronger leaders and change agents, and sustainable, socially accountable change.




The Potential Group has evolved a pragmatic approach to strategy development, change leadership and strategy implementation that directly reflects the complex needs of healthcare, research and education. This approach fuses the theory and practice of Appreciative Inquiry, the adaptive practices of developmental evaluation, and generative approaches to engagement, change leadership and capacity building. 

We use innovative practices to design and lead sustainable system and organizational transformation and capacity building for our clients in higher education, community development, health systems, research institutes and networks, and hospitals.

Client Feedback

  • The process, Danny and Cate are phenomenal - and I can honestly say the experience continues to be one in a lifetime. I could not be more inspired and encouraged about the future.

    Diane Savage, MSW RSW Vice President, Programs and Services, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
  • The plan that we have created is a true representation of the hopes and aspirations of our people and the children, youth and families we serve. It is extremely bold but through this process of robust engagement if feels like we have landed on a plan that has our entire organization and network behind it. We can do this!

  • The way you are doing strategy planning, it is superb. You listen so deeply and translate what is said into something both meaningful and powerful. It is amazing…thank you!

  • I have been fortunate to work with the Potential Group on the ongoing implementation of the strategic plan - building alignment across the organization, tackling significant change management. They are coaches, co-creators and have supported us to build a robust team that can both lead and implement strategic change in ways that maximize engagement and energize our momentum.

    Cheryl Woodman Chief Strategy Officer, Women's College Hospital
  • Absolutely worthwhile and an opportunity to really hone into skills and strengths you already have while talking about challenges in a safe environment. Cate and Danny are amazing facilitators!

    Graduate Leading Strategic Change and Innovation in Healthcare
  • Exceptional opportunity tailored to leaders’ needs as people in challenging roles and changing times; to enable positive change and better care in ever changing times -- transformational!

    Graduate Leading Strategic Change and Innovation in Healthcare
  • The Leading Strategic Change and Innovation Program was extremely helpful in guiding my work as the director of a major centre within a large academic hospital. The insights and tools that I learned through the program really helped me succeed in my first year in this new role. I highly recommend the program.

    Stephen Hwang Centre for Urban Health Solutions, St. Michael's Hospital
  • They have tremendous ability to build the capacity of leaders and teams with whom they are working - to carry out, build on and sustain work once formal consultations with The Potential Group are complete.

    Maria Tassone Director, Centre for Inteprofessional Education, University of Toronto

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